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Running Account Bills (RA) or Progress Bills

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Running Account RA Bills
Construction Progress Invoices - RA Bills
  • Oct 02, 2021 | Kinjal Shah

Construction progress billing is one of the necessary documentary activities that should be sincerely administered by engineers. All measurements to be recorded on measurement sheets with needed self- instructive sketches & notes.

Construction progress billing helps contractor receive payments as per the stage of work completed. Previous work done & advances paid up to this point unit to be kept in mind while calculating the final payable figure. Rates & mode of measurements are to be as per agreement. Also, check all necessary details are written & bills are punctually signed.

Generally, the subsequent forms of bills are made at various stages of work throughout building construction which includes,

  • Advance bills

  • R.A bills

  • Cash bills

  • Final bills

Due to the nature of civil construction, work might take a few years. Therein case the concept of Running account Bill has acquired an image. Running Account Bill also called R.A bill, means a bill for the payment to be created to the contractor on a running account. There are considered as interim bill payments. In it, payment for work is created to him at specific time intervals, subject to deductions done as per contract and final settlement of the account on completion of a contract.


Name of Company:

R.A. Bill No: _______ Name of Site:___________ Name of Contractor:____________

Date: ______ Duration: ______ Work: ______ Building:_______

Preparing R.A. Bills at Site

Billing is one of the most important documentary activity and should be sincerely carried out by engineers, very sincerely & carefully. All measurements should be recorded on measurement sheets with required self- explanatory sketches & notes. Payment is to be made as per stage of work & percentage payable to that stage of work. Previous work done & advances paid up to date are to be considered while calculating final payable figure. Rates & mode of measurements should be as per the agreement .In case of doubts refer higher authorities. Check that all necessary information is written & bills are duly signed.

Documents required for R.A BILL

  • Agreement of Contracts like Item rate/built-up area/space basis.

  • Quality report of construction material

  • Copy of material testing certificate

  • Name of an existing site, Name of the contractor, R.A bill number

  • Payment challans, abstract, and measurement sheets.

  • Samples and company name of the material used

  • Contractor’s sign and Project Engineer’s sign on the bills

Record to be maintained at the site

  • Copies of all documents related to an agreement with contractor/work

  • The contractor's file and payment status to be maintained updated

  • Quantity of work done as per drawing whereas as actual site execution report


R.A bills are usually used by contractors to raise the invoice to the client for getting the amount. They facilitate the price for the work done, Labor, and Machines on construction sites.

Traditionally, contractors used to perform quantity takeoff by hand using printed plans, rulers, calculators, and pencils. Fortunately for modern contractors, company have created sq.feet named takeoff software to simplify and improve the process of Billing.

Looking for compile accutate, speedier and correct Running Account (RA) invoices on a cloud-based solution? Check out:


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