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7 Precautions to be taken For Measurement and Billing Of Work In Progress (WIP) / Compiling RA Bill

Progress payments to contractors shall be made based on the work actually executed and approved by the Engineer-In-Charge and shall be subject to:

I. Withholding tax

II. Any dispute raised on the payments by the Owner

III. Itemized bills being provided by the Contractor.

The following procedure shall be adopted for billing of works executed by the Contractor.

  1. All measurements shall be recorded on standard measurement sheets by the Contractor and submitted to the Engineer-In-Charge for scrutiny and passing. Measurements shall be recorded in accordance with the methods of measurement set out in the Specifications or elsewhere in the Contract.

  2. The Engineer-In-Charge shall scrutinize and check the measurements recorded on the aforesaid sheets and shall certify the correctness and accuracy of the same on the

  3. said sheets. The Engineer-In-Charge shall be responsible for checking the measurements quantitatively and qualitatively as recorded in the measurement sheets.

  4. The Contractor shall then prepare and submit the R.A. Bills, which shall be processed in the manner provided in the Special Conditions of Contract.

  5. While preparing the Final Bill overall measurements will not be taken again. Only volume of work executed since the last measured bill along with summary of final measurements will be considered for the final Bill. However, a detailed check shall be made as to missing measurements and in case there are any missing items, or measurements, the same shall be recorded.

  6. In case of any dispute as to the mode of measurement not covered by the Contract to be adopted for any item of work, the mode of measurement shall be in accordance with the latest Indian Standard specifications.

  7. Every R.A. Bill shall be rounded down to the nearest rupee, i.e. sum of less than 50 paise shall be omitted and sum of 50 paise and more up to one rupee shall be reckoned as one rupee.

Contract Value to Cover

The Quoted Rates and Contract Value shall be deemed to include and cover all costs, expenses and liabilities of every description and all risks of every kind to be taken in executing, completing and handing over the Civil Works to the Owner by the Contractor. The Contractor shall be deemed to have known the nature, scope, magnitude and the extent of the works and materials required although the Contract and/or Tender Documents may not fully and precisely furnish them.

Contract Value shall be deemed to include and cover the cost of all construction of Plant, Temporary Works (except as provided for herein), pumps, materials, labour, insurance, fuel, consumables, stores, and appliances to be supplied by the Contractor and all other matters in connection with each item in the Schedule of Quantities & Rates and the execution of the Civil Works or any portion thereof finished and complete in every respect and maintained as shown or described in the Contract or as the Contractor may be instructed in writing during the execution of the Civil Works.


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