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What Advantages Mobile Technology Gives You in Field of Civil Engineering

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Generally huge construction project sites are located at remote areas which

disconnects ones own technical team with software data, important documents and

so on. As it necessitates to have proper internet-connected mobile devices for every

construction company. Here are five strong arguments for integrating mobile

platforms into construction business strategy. Doing so is a sure-fire method to boost

team productivity and produce more profitable projects.

Table of Contents:

  • Maximum Engagement of Employee in field of construction.

  • Reduced the need of conventional infrastructure costs.

  • Minimizing the vulnerability of onsite system disruption.

  • Enhanced group cooperation and coordination.

Greater Efficiency of Workflows.

1. Maximum Engagement of Employee in field of Construction:

Construction in civil engineering is all about teamwork and coordination without any

fixed position. According to a recent study, even the notion of teamwork might boost

commitment, effectiveness and overall visible productivity. Real-time collaboration

between multiple stakeholders, individuals and teams can become a part of daily

routine work with the use of a mobile platform that gives project stakeholders & "always

on" access. This will minimize the issue of communication gap and raise employee

engagement, motivation, enjoyment, and ownership of results.

How Sq-Feet can be useful:

Users involved in particular project can access our web-based estimating platform

from any mobile or available device with an internet connection 24/7/365, enabling

employee participation and contributions even when they are at any remote place or

not at work.

2. Reduced the need of conventional Infrastructure Costs:

A significant reduction in monthly overhead and equipment costs can be achieved by

supplementing conventional fixed phone lines and other conventional corporate

equipment with portable mobile devices that link in the cloud. Reduction is all this

conventional methods overhead costs also supports to reduce the infrastructure


How Sq-Feet can be useful:

Our off-site estimating solution offers limitless on-demand access for mobile users

while drastically reducing the need for expensive equipment and infrastructure.

Along with economical cost and easy use.

3. Minimizing the vulnerability of onsite system disruption.

With a mobile estimating provision in place, construction companies have made it

possible for many key employees to work remotely. This allows individuals and

teams to carry out quantity surveying, take-offs, and other preconstruction

management tasks, collaborate on important decisions, and maintain essential

workflows without interruption. Key business activities and improved productivity can

be continued with web-based access to a centralized source of data via mobile devices which gives a definite competitive edge over compared to businesses that

are forced to rely solely on onsite work and contact.

How Sq-Feet can be useful:

Our centralized estimation platform allows an immense number of workers to work

remotely & effectively, reducing the impact of broken on-site systems or

environmental dangers. which ultimately minimize the risk of project delay.

4. Enhanced group cooperation and coordination:

It is obvious that when people work together well, share information honestly, and

communicate easily, individual performance levels can soar tremendously and

results can advance. In Civil engineering domain workforce is becoming more mobile

has new opportunities to interact, communicate, collaborate, and contribute because

cloud construction estimating and management tools are accessible from mobile

devices anytime, anywhere.

How Sq-Feet can be useful:

Our estimating programmer is made to make it easier to work together with a web-

based platform that provides mobile field teams and not only teams but also to

different agencies with real-time access to a main repository of project information.

5. More Effective Work Processes:

The ideal situation for any construction firm is for projects to move smoothly from

one phase to another without bottlenecks or unforeseen delays, as this helps to keep

projects on schedule and under budget. Various teams may connect with one

another whenever and wherever they need to, through mobile access. They also

have better visibility into projects as a whole. The greatest approach for employees

to operate productively and facilitate workflows is for them to have a broad,

comprehensive awareness of the project's goals, procedures, and expectations.

How Sq-Feet can be useful:

Our estimating system offers end-to-end visibility and control for remote users by

integrating with web-based accounting and project management platforms.

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