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In the preconstruction phase, how can cloud technology improve collaboration and lower risk?

  • Jan 17, 2022 | Lavish jain

In the preconstruction phase, larger, more profitable projects come with more risk considerations. Inaccurate measurements, out-of-date papers, and poor time management in preconstruction can all lead to major issues later on. Poor team communication, on the other hand, is a crucial element that is frequently disregarded — and is frequently the source of other dangers.

Increased Construction Risks Due to Communication Problems and Breakdowns

You put yourself at risk if you don't create the framework for effective communication as your preconstruction team increases.

- Whenever there is a lack of certainty in workflows over who is authorized for which tasks, steps can be overlooked. Whenever there is no procedure for assigning an estimator to bid a contract, that project may fall between the cracks because your team assumes somebody else is focusing upon that.

- Inadequate role communication might waste time and result in duplicating tasks. If your team isn't transparent, you risk having estimators doing the same work as others, including setting out estimates for the same project, making your organization look disorganised and unprofessional.

- Without a clear way to communicate project updates or changes, your team may execute takeoffs on old plans or develop estimates based on obsolete specs or price. Not only can this result in rework during the construction process, but it could also result in delays, increased costs, and a loss of profit on the job site.

It's Not Just Having a Discussion: What Cooperative Approach Looks Like in Precon

While being able to converse openly with co-workers is beneficial to a productive and healthy work environment, preconstruction communication entails much more than water cooler banter. Your staff must be able to collaborate efficiently from a number of sites and on a range of machines. With the correct construction technology, they'll be able to interact in ways that boost productivity and reduce risk.

- Document and plan version control for projects. Nothing throws a conversation into disarray like not knowing if you're dealing with the latest edition of a file. Your team will be aligned and working from the same plan set if you use an internet document management solution.

- Access to construction plans and documents in real-time. An effective preconstruction team need the ability to collaborate with one another from different devices, often in different locations, and occasionally at the same time. You may distribute the burden by sharing plans, and your team's access is unrestricted.

- Inform external stakeholders about your plans. You can provide anyone outside your team view-only access to plans because then partners or vendors can see the same plan set instead of being able to change it.

- Use phone call and annotation tools to draw attention to specific details. Experienced team members can draw attention to specifics for junior employees using a cloud-based tool, while estimators operating along the same project can post comments as well as other details for one another and ask questions directly inside the plans using a cloud-based service.

- At a glance, delegate tasks and regulate your team's workload. You can allocate projects to your team, examine their performance on a bid schedule, and even track which team works on which projects at any one time with a good cloud collaboration platform.

Your risk of losing contracts or earnings due to team bottlenecks and miscommunication decreases drastically when your employees are adequately connected through the cloud. Maintaining a strong preconstruction team and securing more profitable projects necessitates collaboration.

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