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Importance of Time Management

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

There are many reasons why time management is important in construction. One of these is the fact that workers are often paid by the hour, so time management will help control salary costs. Another reason time management in construction is important is that having work delayed or behind schedule can hinder the overall project, especially when one group or company must wait for another company to finish a certain type of work before beginning the next step in the project.

Time management in construction also is vital because, if projects are not finished in a timely manner, or at least as quickly as promised, then this can void a contract and cause the construction company to lose payment for breach of contract. Looking into the future, it also is important to have effective time management in place for construction companies, because projects that are not finished on time can derail company efforts to secure bids on other projects, especially if they have a reputation for not being reliable and timely.

In construction, one of the biggest costs besides materials is paying workers. Skilled workers are often paid by the hour. Having effective time management in construction projects includes giving workers reasonable goals, workable timeframes, and the resources to do their jobs, and expecting them to complete their responsibilities in a timely manner.

The more efficiently, accurately, and effectively that workers complete their tasks, the lower the overall cost will be.

In the world of construction — whether workers are building an office building, bridges, or homes — different companies often employ different skilled workers who may need to contribute their part to the project if it is to get done. When deadlines are set and respected, a construction project goes smoothly.

Time management in construction is important, as well, because construction projects are usually under formal written, and legally binding contracts by which they must abide. Workers and supervisors must honor the contracts as written and agreed upon. If a company that is responsible for constructing an office building does not have the project completed by the date agreed on, it may lose part or all of the money it otherwise would have earned because of a breach of contract. Time management, which includes firm goals, is, therefore, essential for construction projects.

A final reason for workers and supervisors to have an effective system of time management in construction projects is that completing projects in a timely manner helps the reputation of the company performing the work. Companies that construct are often contracted, sometimes through bids and sometimes without bids, to complete projects. They are often asked to complete a project, in part, based on their reputation of getting past projects finished accurately and in a timely manner. Utilizing effective time management skills helps a construction company maintain a positive reputation, which can lead to more work in the future.

Digitalization can play a significant role in improving time management in construction projects. Here are some ways digital tools and solutions can help:

  1. Site Management tool: Procost Systems

  2. Cost Estimating & billing Software: sq-feet

Overall, digitalization can help construction teams manage their time more efficiently, reduce errors and delays, and improve collaboration among different stakeholders. By adopting digital tools and solutions, construction companies can save time, reduce costs, and deliver projects faster and more efficiently.


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