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Estimators: Make yourself irreplaceable with SQ-FT

Because of the labor scarcity in the construction business, it is often a candidate's market. But it doesn't imply you should settle for the bare minimum. Instead, establish yourself as a valuable resource for your firm. Here are five strategies to show your manager how valuable you are and make yourself irreplaceable, as well as how SQ-FT might assist.

1. Improve efficiency

Determine a baseline time for completing common activities and look for ways to perform the same work in less time. Your efforts will be noted if you can cut time spent without compromising work quality.

The takeoff procedure is a wonderful place to start for estimators in particular. Examine how your organization now handles takeoffs and look for methods to improve the process. If you're still measuring with paper plans, switching to software is an easy method to boost productivity (but be critical when evaluating your options).

Check out what more is available if you currently use software. Even while many contractors still utilize antiquated desktop-based tools from the dawn of construction technology, the market for takeoff and estimating software has grown significantly. SQ-FT can help you shorten your takeoff time in half by providing an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface that allows you to rapidly receive measurements with just a few clicks.

2. Improve Precision

You want to be recognized as the estimator who gets everything perfect every time. Rather than double-checking and triple-checking your work, utilize a technology that removes the necessity for human data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors. The takeoff and estimate capabilities of SQ-FT are integrated into a single platform, eliminating the need to move data from one system to another to prepare your proposal. If you'd rather utilize your own Excel sheet or other tools, you may use our Excel plug-in or open API to reduce risk and migrate data out of SQ-FT seamlessly.

Your measurements aren't the only numbers you have to keep care of, though. You may link your own material sets and pricing to your takeoffs using SQ-FT's items and assemblies, giving you a clear sense of upfront task costs.

You'll also need to get very familiar with what field workers can feasibly do in a given period, and make sure you're appropriately accounting for labor rates, as well as other indirect expenses like overhead and taxes, in your estimates. Make use of SQ-FT's estimation tool to rapidly visualize project expenses and apply mark-up to achieve targeted profit margins.

3. Establish yourself as the go-to tool expert

Your knowledge will be valued if you can make it a point to grasp the ins and outs of the important technologies your organization employs. Make use of your software partners' resources to improve your abilities, and schedule time to attend any trainings or webinars they provide.

You want to be the person that your co-workers turn to when they have questions or problems with the tools, and you can even train new employees about your software's procedures and workflows. When you have this level of expertise, you save up time and energy for those who would otherwise have to look for information. Instead, you've come to assist them.

4. Gather data and insights

Always be on the lookout for patterns as you go about your daily chores. Do you observe that your team constantly outperforms on certain projects, or that certain projects frequently cause more difficulty than they're worth? Which general contractors tend to make things more difficult than they need to be or take too long to pay out, chevalier? What do occupations that pay much more money have in common? In your SQ-FT dashboards, you can see data like this to evaluate.

Keep track of your observations and share them with your boss to assist lead the organization in the right path. If management starts to rely on your knowledge, you'll be viewed as an indispensable member of the team.

5. Be proactive and anticipate requirements

Make time to keep an eye on estimating and building trends in general, as well as what's going on in your local economy and at your organization. If your company is expanding and building in your region is thriving, consider hiring another estimator before your present staff becomes overwhelmed. If things aren't going well, have ideas on ways to cut money and improve current procedures without laying off employees.

If your boss asks you to do something frequently, make it a habit to start doing it before you're asked, and if you need assistance or clarification, speak up before it becomes an issue. Being proactive makes you a valuable team member.

Take it a Step Further

Finding methods to be helpful and make life simpler for individuals on your team, particularly your direct boss, is the essence of the above advice. Consider how you can relieve their stress and workload, and you'll be well on your way to being an invaluable team member. However, don't make it any more difficult on yourself than it has to be; instead, utilize technologies like SQ-FT to make work simpler for everyone.

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