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Owners & Designers

Connect and improve construction cost management.

Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralizing all cost activities in the cloud and within the context of the project.

Whether you are a property owner setting up a industrial facility, need home remodelling, or a consultant wanting to estimate your client's next project, you want to have a clear and accurate forecast of how much a building project will cost and how long it will take before you begin. A good starting point is the Sq-Feet construction estimation software tool.

  • Standardization of procedures to compile a detailed budget.

  • Budget & estimating any project with use of company specific schedule of Rates (SOR).

  • Sq-feet enables a unified view of all project components in a single dashboard.

  • Monitor costs and progress for all project contractors in one platform.


Improved cost control - 

Centralizing all cost information on a single platform in the cloud. 

Keep the right information in the right hands through tight permission controls of each component within the system.

Streamline cost workflows

Centralized estimate database and user management system

Speedy approval of estimates and contractor evaluations

Transparency in estimate preparation - 

Streamline upstream and downstream change order workflows, for clear accountability and visibility of impact on the overall budget.

Paperless movement of estimate and historical tracking

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