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The Most Trusted Estimating Takeoff Solution

Thousands of construction professionals have reduced costs, saved time, and improved their accuracy using Sq-Feet, the unparalleled industry standard for Quantity Surveying, Estimation & Billing software.

Civil Contractor 

With efficient and fast calculations, you can manage both large and small projects. The platform combines quantity take-off, construction estimates, progress bills (RA / Payment Certificates) and material reconciliations.With SQ-FEET software, you can simplify progress billings,helping you manage your business more effectively, and expand your business.

Concrete Subcontractor

To win any concrete contract, you need quick, precise take-offs and estimations. SQ-FEET estimating software allows you to efficiently quantify and compute costs, discuss plans in real-time, share project data and documents with others from any device, at any time. SQ-FEET makes fast work of measurements, calculates the cost for the project & material reconciliations. Finish all task successfully, rather than spending hours on manual take-offs and estimates or using obsolete desktop software.

Electrical Contractor 

There's a simple method for measure conduit and wire runs, material counts, and other critical aspects of electrical work. Use SQ-FEET, as take-off and estimating software.

Plumbing Contractor 

SQ-FEET makes it simple to calculate the lengths of plumbing runs, the quantities of plumbing fittings and other materials you'll need. With SQ-FEET, you can save time, prevent costly mistakes, and increase revenues.


SQ-FEET can assist you with your forthcoming as well as maintenance project by providing faster and error-free take-off estimates. A single system to help you manage your business.

Tile Flooring

To prepare flooring estimates, flooring contractors use SQ-FEET to rapidly and precisely calculate materials, labour, material reconciliation, overhead, and net profit. SQ-FEET take-off & estimating software may help you speed up time-consuming take-off and improve estimate accuracy whether you install wood, tile, epoxy flooring, stone, false floor and carpet flooring.


You can calculate everything including paint, primer, labour and materials for the job. Spend less time estimating and more time bidding on projects to increase your revenue!


A single platform for managing your landscaping consulting firm. Better and faster, more accurate estimates help you save time and money.

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