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Sq-Feet vs  Excel

Sq-Feet: Easy - Accurate - Speedy estimating & take-off tool

Sq-Feet and Excel are two highly effective tools for the creation, development, storage, and analysis of your data. Companies use them both, but they have distinct features and functionalities. 

Building Planning
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Not Centralized:  Separate spreadsheets, for different projects, created individually, difficult to share.

Single database for each project, one cloud-based platform for ALL project.  Work colloborativey.

Lacks Flexibility:  For large projects, sharing, opening, and working with files is hard.

Best while working with big data with real time generation of estimates and takeoffs.

Human Error Prone:  Manual linking of cells, adding of formulas, and subtotalling is difficult.

Integrated estimation capability, with automated creations of reports related to construction quantities and costs.

Not Ideal for Project Management:  Multiple files, not designed for collaborative work, needs efforts for subtotalling and linking data and prone calculation errors

Excel type features, with automated linking of BOQ  / BOM / Rates for ntelligent reports, that are accurate and real time

Lack Data Security:  Sharing of files is cumbersome.  The inbuilt security features are weak.

Cloud based platform, accessible anytime anywhere, 

Solve your Excel Problems problems with Sq-Feet's "Use Excel" approach

excle vs Sq-feet

Sq-Feet has incorporated these advantages of Excel and a System to create a powerful construction cost management tool that has the benefits of both Excel and a system.

Using Advantages of Excel

Understanding of input interface, worksheet functions, formulas & equations,  capabilities to make the most of your company's know-how that is packed in Excel

Eliminating Disadvantages
of Excel

Uniform control with database, management of multiple files, efficient data compilation based on auto liking of items, data updation, sub-totalling,  linking of cells between worksheets,  elimination of personalized formats

Achieving Operations
That Are Difficult With Excel


Speedier estimate preparations, easier and automated analysis on performed vs budget vs to-go, reporting from various analytical perspectives, quicker decision-making, simulation

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